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LottoLove - It's all in the cards

The first ever scratch off card with a social mission and the only lotto that makes everyone a winner! Make giving back part of everyday gifting with scratch off cards that give charitable gifts. Introducing our ‘Basic Needs’ cards! Play LottoLove to win for someone in need. For every card purchased LottoLove donates to their Non-profit partners to fulfill their social mission of helping people receive: clean water, solar light, nutritious meals or literacy tools. Each ‘Basic Needs’ card gives one of the following:
1 week of clean water 
3 weeks of clean water
1 month of solar light
4 months of solar light
1 set of literacy tools
3 sets of literacy tools
1 nutritious meal
3 nutritious meals

The amount of each gift is a surprise every time! Behind each gift is one of LottoLove’s Non-profit partners. Once a card is purchased LottoLove donates to the respective charity to fulfill their social mission. The receiver of the cards does not need to do anything on their end. In addition to the donation we make for each card’s gift, we donate a portion of any profits to our partners. Together, LottoLove and its partners are positively impacting people’s lives in over 60 countries! Learn about our amazing partners.

Not only are we socially conscious, but we are also environmentally conscious and our products are FSC certified!

Around here, we don’t operate on luck, just love.




Laura's Story

Laura Beck, founder of LottoLove, would be lying if she didn’t admit that her family was a huge part of the inspiration. Growing up Laura and her family volunteered in Central America. “Giving back was part of our lives at a very young age. We saw what poverty looked like and that memory doesn’t go away”, says Laura. During Holidays and birthdays it was common to exchange scratch off tickets between family members. Many of them particularly loved giving scratch off’s to their Grandmother! It became a family affair as they all watched to see if she won big. In 2012, Laura started Tiny Rebels, a branding shop in New York. Her team has been building brands for several years. Laura wanted to get back to helping people in need and saw an opportunity to use her branding/design experience.

Laura is originally from a beautiful, tiny town in Northern Michigan. She graduated from the University of Michigan and Chicago Portfolio School. Currently, she lives in Brooklyn, but her Midwest pride is as strong as ever. The two original and winning scratch off tickets that were part of the inspiration are still on her desk.